11 Research and Faculty Positions at University of Tartu, Estonia

Fully Funded Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at University of Tartu, Estonia for Teachers to Work Abroad.

Applications are invited for Fully funded 11 Research and Faculty Positions at University of Tartu, Estonia.

The University of Tartu (UT; Estonian: Tartu Ülikool, Latin: Universitas Tartuensis) is a university in the city of Tartu in Estonia. It is the national university of Estonia, and the only classical university in the country, and also the biggest and most prestigious university in Estonia. It was founded under the name of Academia Gustaviana in 1632 by Baron Johan Skytte, the Governor-General (1629–1634) of Swedish Livonia, Ingria, and Karelia, with the required ratification provided by his long-time friend and former student – from age 7 –, King Gustavus Adolphus, shortly before the king’s death on 6 November in the Battle of Lützen (1632), during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648).

Nearly 14,000 students are at the university, of whom over 1,300 are foreign students. The language of instruction in most curricula is Estonian, some more notable exceptions are taught in English, such as semiotics, applied measurement science, computer science, information technology law, and European Union – Russia studies.

Study at University of Tartu, Estonia

Academic Structure of University

The academic structure of the university consists of institutes and colleges of four faculties.

While mainly located in Tartu, the university also operates in Narva, Pärnu, Tallinn, and Viljandi. Narva and Pärnu Colleges are part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Viljandi Culture Academy belongs to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The School of Law Tallinn office, University of Tartu Tallinn representation, and the Estonian Marine Institute are located in the Estonian capital.

Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesFaculty of Social SciencesFaculty of MedicineFaculty of Science and Technology
School of Theology and Religious StudiesSchool of LawInstitute of Biomedicine and Translational MedicineEstonian Marine Institute
Institute of History and ArchaeologySchool of Economics and Business AdministrationInstitute of Family Medicine and Public HealthInstitute of Physics
Institute of Estonian and General LinguisticsInstitute of Social StudiesInstitute of PharmacyInstitute of Chemistry
Institute of Philosophy and SemioticsInstitute of EducationInstitute of Clinical MedicineInstitute of Molecular and Cell Biology
Institute of Cultural Research and ArtsInstitute of PsychologyInstitute of DentistryInstitute of Technology
College of Foreign Languages and CulturesJohan Skytte Institute of Political StudiesInstitute of Sport Sciences and PhysiotherapyInstitute of Ecology and Earth Sciences
Viljandi Culture AcademyNarva CollegeInstitute of Computer Science
Pärnu CollegeInstitute of Mathematics and Statistics
Tartu Observatory

List of 11 Research and Faculty Positions at University of Tartu, Estonia

Research Fellow of Ancient DNA
Lecturer of Research Methods
Assistant of Inclusive Education
Assistant of Cardiology
Assistant of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Research Fellow of Cardiology
Professor of Big Data
Lecturer of Big Data
Lecturer of Colloidal and Environmental Chemistry
Lecturer of Organic Chemistry
Teacher of Colloidal and Environmental Chemistry
Professor of Applied Geology

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